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Would you like to improve the workforce management system in your care home?

Workforce management is an important part of any business, so it’s important to keep it running to the highest standard.

Keep reading to discover how our technology can help make workforce management a breeze:

improve your care home staff management with care home administration software.

Good workforce management ensures an alignment with your employees and your business goals. When executed well, there are several benefits such as cutting costs, improving productivity and building a sustainable business.

At CoolCare, we want to help you achieve these benefits with efficiency and ease.

That’s why we’ve created our workforce management system; to help make staff management simple and keep everything in one place.

Using tailored dashboards with employment compliance, holiday entitlement, documents, training and appraisals, you can keep an eye on your staff and their needs.

Workforce Management System - Staff Management

make recruitment for new staff easier using coolcare care home management software.

A key part of our workforce management system is our recruitment manager. Care homes across the country that are looking to reduce their turnover and improve their recruitment processes could benefit from our technology.

With a simple and more effective hiring process, there is less likelihood of candidates dropping out. In turn, this makes recruitment easier, allowing you to find the right people to join your team.

Our intuitive recruitment manager can help identify vacancies, manage applicants and track progress. With empty shifts recognised, staff can fill any necessary roles without the need for outside agency help.

Workforce Management System - Recruitment Manager

manage agency staff effectively with coolcare care home systems.

Agency staff are often a necessity when it comes to covering shifts. Recently, The Nuffield Trust reported that agency usage has increased to 34,700 across UK care homes between April 2021 and September 2022.

Our workforce management system helps to reduce this, making it easier to manage costs by improving your rostering systems.

Thanks to our software, existing care home staff can find it easier to organise their shifts and determine which ones they’re able to cover. In turn, this helps care homes manage their staff more efficiently, as well as see when they may need agency help.

Since using our workforce management system, 80% of our CoolCare customers have reported no agency usage. Thanks to our technology, this has caused them to save time and money that they can reinvest into the care home.

Agency Management

create detailed reports and analyse using coolcare care home management software.

Compiling correct reports is an important process for any care home, but unfortunately, it can take time. Our management system can reduce the time taken for reporting and analysis, making it an easier and faster process.

Our management system keeps everything to do with reports in one place; by removing any room for errors, it brings things to the attention of the user and provides a simple solution.

With training matrixes, compliance checks, holiday calculations and CSV exports, our technology is designed to save you time.

Reports and Analysis

To discover more about our workforce management system, please contact a member of our team.
Alternatively, take a look at our previous blog to discover how your care home can achieve more by going digital.


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