care home staff | how to improve your staff management.

Are you interested in learning how to better manage your care home staff?

At CoolCare, we understand the value of staff management and how it can benefit the other processes in your care home.

Keep reading to discover some ways to help improve your staff management:

use care home management software to establish consistent staff appraisals.

Are you setting up regular employee appraisals? 

Appraisals provide the opportunity to talk to your care home staff about their performance. These meetings enable you to address any relevant issues, whilst suggesting improvements to support employee development.

When you arrange appraisals, your employees recognise that you’re invested in their performance. By giving them encouragement in the form of praise and feedback, your staff will feel recognised for their hard work, which motivates them to keep it up.

As part of our workforce management software, our dashboard widgets ensure that your staff receive regular appraisals. After deciding on dates, CoolCare reminds you to set the meeting, resulting in a happy and well-managed team.

Care Home Staff - Appraisals

improve your communication with care home management technologies.

Communication is fundamental to any well-managed workforce. 

According to Plumble, teams who communicate effectively may increase their productivity by as much as 25%.

With good communication, you can ensure that your care home staff know what’s expected of them. Implementing this practice in the workplace can help to keep everyone working towards the same goals.

Improved communication can also benefit staff satisfaction in the workplace. Your staff should be able to talk to their superiors and colleagues in confidence about any issues or needs.

To help improve your workplace communication, we’ve created a messaging system within our workforce management software. Our software allows you to send messages straight to your staff’s phones, providing simple and direct comms.

Care Home Staff - Communication

delivering training and knowledge using care home management software.

Offering training for your employees can result in a productive and motivated workplace. Trained care home staff can also develop a commitment to their employer, as well as perform better at work.

Providing continued training can boost your employees’ confidence and knowledge in their roles. This subsequently reduces staff turnover and enables employees to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude within the workplace.

Acknowledging the importance of consistent training, our CoolCare software manages all of your staff training needs and achievements. As well as this, our technology can flag when a staff member is missing a qualification or is eligible for further training. This helps to facilitate continuous growth and self-development.

Staff Training

creating company transparency using care home administration software.

Sometimes, a lack of clarity within a workplace can result in delayed completion of tasks. Ensuring all instructions are clear and easy to follow minimises the risk of ensuing misunderstandings or mistakes. 

For example, if your cover system or rota is too cluttered, it could lead to confusion around whether empty shifts need filling. But, if you address this at the source, staff will find it easier to understand what’s going on within the workplace and offer to help.

Our CoolCare workforce management software makes shift cover and rotas easier. Your staff can access their CoolCare calendar, which includes their shifts, training and holiday. When absences occur, you can remove staff from the rota and mark their shift as uncovered, allowing another employee to fill in.


deliver improved care using care home administration technology.

A simple recruitment process is vital when hiring the right staff for your roles. Having an organised, structured recruitment process can help you to find the ideal candidate.

Finding and selecting staff should be a simple and exciting task. Our software celebrates this, helping you to identify your recruitment needs, whilst guiding you through the process. 

Nothing is more important than a strong and cohesive team — and together, we can help achieve this. 


For more information on what we offer at CoolCare, please take a look at our website or contact a member of our team.

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