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Good care home management is the key to running a successful home.

With CoolCare, we aim to make operating your care home easier, more efficient and more profitable.

Check out our blog to discover how CoolCare can help your homes.

care home management | easy administration

CoolCare works to save you time and make your care home management more effective.

With our intuitive and user-friendly design, your staff can feel confident when using CoolCare.

Our care home administration system saves records digitally with smart features that are easily accessible across multiple care homes and teams.

This reduces the amount of paperwork and the risk of human error.

A successful care home is well loved and lived in, leading to inevitable maintenance requirements.

By digitising your maintenance jobs you can schedule the right tasks with the correct suppliers with ease.
Through CoolCare, you can track maintenance jobs, email tasks and requests, create recurring tasks, manage suppliers, set deadlines and add commentary.

effective resident records | care home management

CoolCare’s easy to update resident records allow you to quickly view dependency level, financial information, personal details and more!

Our system smartly automates billing adjustments due to resident absence, saving your finance team time by not having to manually edit invoices.

Adhering to GDPR guidelines, you can store multiple contacts against each resident, keeping a log of marketing consent and manage which users can access them.

You can also view full room history for each resident, allowing you to easily audit who was living where and when.

By streamlining the admission and discharge process, this can help in the efficient management of resident turnover.

With our care home management system, you can easily manage and update information as needed, ensuring the seamless running of your care homes.

shift scheduling and management

By implementing CoolCare into your homes, we can assist you in creating and managing staff schedules, ensuring proper coverage and compliance with regulations.

With our tailored dashboard features, you’ll be notified of what needs actioning immediately, ensuring that you’re working compliantly.

When you pre-set your staffing requirements, we’ll ensure that you’re rostering to them.

You can plan shifts with ease with CoolCare, you can view who is available and qualified for each shift.

This allows you to ask individuals directly for cover and allows your staff to see where empty shifts are so they can offer to help when they’re available.

Empowering your staff to manage shifts reduces unnecessary admin time and dependency on agency staff.

occupancy reports | effective care home management

Quality and timely communication is the key to effective care home management.

Our dashboard feature allows you to see real-time care home occupancy at both home and a group level.

With easy access to this information, you can tackle enquiries quickly and locate all the information you need to fill your homes in one place.

You can tailor and progress enquiries in line with the needs of your prospective resident.

Allowing multiple teams to work on the same enquiry ensures you’re responsive to requests for admissions and proactively shortens the time between the initial enquiry and moving into your home.

Online enquiry management ensures clear visibility of enquiries and what stage they’re at, allowing for instant reporting.

how coolcare can help you

Implementing a comprehensive care home management system like CoolCare can improve the overall quality of care provided, enhance operational efficiency and contribute to organised, compliant care homes.

Save your staff time by alleviating the demands of admin, allowing them to focus their attention on providing care.

With the support of CoolCare, you can boost your profits and productivity levels across each home.

Contact a member of our team today to find out how we can help support the running of your care homes.

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