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    As the CEO of a small care home group, I’m always looking for ways to streamline our administrative processes and save valuable time. The interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for staff to pick up. Some key areas where Coolcare has helped us include occupancy management, rostering and payroll. Their occupancy dashboard gives a real-time view of vacancies and enquiries in progress. The scheduling tool allows managers to easily create and adjust staff rotas and Coolcare’s payroll features integrate with accounts, saving hours each month. Resident records and finance ledgers are now fully digital too, reducing errors and paperwork. Staff are happier not having to juggle paper forms. Their UK-based support is responsive to any questions. Overall we’ve found the software incredibly useful to use while streamlining our operations. I’d highly recommend Coolcare to any care home provider looking to streamline administrative processes and save valuable time.

    Kevin Humphyrs

    CEO Oakland Care

    Coolcare is very easy to use system which is great for staff and management. It makes Rotas easier to manage, along with holidays, sickness and other absences. The residents side of it is equally as easy to use and manage. I love that I can use Coolcare on the go from anywhere.

    Kathleen Spencer

    Kiln Lodge Care Home

    I have used CoolCare for approximately 12 years, I find it easy to use and it allows us to record all staff and resident information in one place.

    Alison Brownbill

    Alison Brownbill, Operations Director Highpoint

    We decided to go with Coolcare V4 after using a manual process for the payroll. It turned out be a great decision, as we have found our time spent on processing payroll has more than halved. Most importantly the software is very user friendly, the training is comprehensive and if you have any issues then the support team are great at answering any queries/questions. Entering the rotas is quick and easy. Overall we have been very happy with coolcare4 and would highly recommend it for those looking to move away from a manual system or even though wishing to upgrade there current software.

    Bejul Shah

    Bejul Shah, Caring Group

    With the old-fashioned system, you spent so much time faffing with data during a CQC or contracts inspection that you never felt you were doing the home justice. Now you just show how you manage it through the software and can present results properly in very little time. That means you can spend more time showing CQC the things you want them to see – it makes inspections so much easier!

    Chris Bainsborough

    Director Grosvenor Care

    Without CoolCare, we’d have just never got around to sorting the high absenteeism and the problems would have persisted, now we have breathing space to help and support team members who need it and we can build and retain strong teams.

    Chris Bainsborough

    Director Grosvenor Care

    We thought the team might be apprehensive of the move to digital. We took the time to explain to the reason we were introducing it and how it would benefit them all. By having a digital system, we’d be able to see who was letting the team down and nip it in the bud so that there was greater fairness and stability in the team. They understood that and quickly started using the electronic clocking-in. The administration and management team have found the software very easy to use.

    Chris Bainsborough

    Director Grosvenor Care

    The speed at which the team has been able to adapt to the new system is already impacting the bottom line for the better, with the rota system paying its way within weeks of implementation. I was impressed with the ‘Snap-to-Shift’ functionality that automatically adjusted early and late clock-ins to the shift patterns.

    Keith Milton

    CEO St. Martin’s Care Group

    The automated step-by-step enquiry process has empowered the team to keep enquiries moving through the pipeline at an active pace, from inception to conversion, there is full visibility.

    Keith Milton

    CEO St Martin’s Care Group

    Another area where CoolCare has impacted the bottom line is the intelligent invoicing features. Every Monday the team run a report to check that all occupied rooms are being billed correctly, the system flags up any rooms not being billed at standard fees, and allows front of house, managers and head office to address the issue.

    Michael Whitehead

    CEO Halcyon

    It’s very easy to see, very transparent. Bearing in mind our staffing model is robust and well thought out, we always want to know why a manager is deviating from the agreed plan and if there is anything we can do to support them.

    Michael Whitehead

    CEO Halcyon

    I probably log into the dashboard 3-4 times a day to see what is happening in the group. I can instantly see if anyone is AWOL, see the current enquiry pipeline, rota vs budget etc etc, all from my phone.

    Michael Whitehead

    CEO Halcyon

    Snap-to-Shift means that we’re not paying staff for 15 minutes of unworked time at either end of their shift every day. Across 1,200 staff a year, it means that we’re saving tens of thousands. The savings that we make with CoolCare more than pays for its subscription many times over.

    Stacey Linn

    Managing Director Ideal Carehomes

    The difference that CoolCare has made in terms of payroll efficiencies is dramatic – payroll administration time was reduced from 23 hours per month (3 working days) to just 4 hours per month. In financial terms, the streamlining on admin time alone saves in excess of £300 per month, which has now been re-invested in other areas of the business.

    Nikki Canbek

    Financial Controller St Vincent’s Care Homes

    Not only is the timesheet–authorisation and payroll process faster, the payroll data is also much more accurate.

    Clare Shann

    Managing Director St Vincent’s Care Homes

    Very prompt and always readily on hand to help

    Lindsey Rudd

    Ideal Carehomes

    I have used similar apps before but CoolCare is much better. It does everything I need as a manager.

    Adalbert Rugerza

    Adalbert Rugerza, Home Manager

    The customer support team are very helpful when you call them. They seem to be patient, they make sure that any problem or issue you may have is resolved or dealt with.

    Adalbert Rugeruza

    Home Manager

    We have been using Coolcare for over a year now, and have found it a really easy system to use. We use it for Residents and Staff payroll and it has been amazing. The sales support is really helpful with online chat and any issues that we have are sorted out promptly.

    Amanda Jackson

    Administrator, Lexicon Healthcare

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