FAQs On Going Digital

1. Going Digital Is So Easy With Our CoolCare Trainers

Our CoolCare trainers have helped lots of companies make the transition to managing their business digitally.  We know that customers doing this for the first time have lots of questions so what better source of wisdom to answer those burning queries many care providers have.

Certainly not! This is about speed and efficiency for your care home business.  Software providers like CoolCare will enable you to upload you staff and resident records via a spreadsheet.  You just send a list of all your records with their core data and CoolCare’s support team uploads it for you.  For our customers, their data is all on there before they even start using the system.

We can only speak for CoolCare on this one.  Getting your login set-up and ready to use the system is really quick.  Your database can be ready in as little as a couple of hours, with all your core configuration pre-set-up based on your instructions.  Our customers usually take a few of days training to get them and their staff used to the system. It’s usually during this time that we tweak settings and refine them to best fit the care home’s ways of working.

From there, it is up to the care home how much and how quickly they would like to roll the system out.   Some customers like to take a gradual approach, introducing processes one at a time and others like to do an intense few days of getting everything running exactly the way they want it.  How long it takes is in your control, to match your business needs.

As experienced trainers, we’ve seen everything so we can take full responsibility for the implementation process if you want, which makes it much easier for those who are going digital for the first time.  We get under the skin  of how current processes work and consult the key people involved in your organisation. We can then configure the system to fully meet your needs and help to suggest process tweaks to make optimum use of CoolCare. Finally post implementation we are always on hand by phone or email to help with you with any small user queries that come up.

Not at all!  Working through software is often much more logical than paper-based processes.  Modern software, in particular, benefits from a focus on creating a user experience which makes the software easy to use.  More often than not, from our experience, it comes down to confidence and consistency in process.

We’ve got to be careful we don’t put ourselves out of a job with this one (!), but our training is much less about “where to click” and more about how to maximise the benefits of the system.  CoolCare training significantly speeds up learning and ensures processes are well-designed with business need operation so that everyone uses it in the same way.  The software is extremely intuitive to use, so you could just navigate your own way through it and teach yourself.  For those who are less tech savvy, training definitely give them the confidence to engage with the system and makes sure that opportunities for operational improvements are identified.

Ultimately, it is going to make life easier for them so yes!  Like with any change, there will be some staff who are dying to shake things up and work in a new way – there will be others who are nervous of something that breaks the status quo. What matters is working with the whole team to demonstrate the benefits, support their growing confidence and ensure they are encouraged to use the new software regularly.   Staff are usually most comfortable when the introduction of the software has been well-communicated in advance, they have been consulted and digital champions are identified in the team who can motivate others.

What’s great about software is that you can prevent a lot of mistakes by the way you set it up and if a mistake does happen, you can quickly identify it and fix it.  You actually end up with less mistakes and if one is made, you can amend and correct it.

Good quality providers like CoolCare will provide a comprehensive support system, offering training and troubleshooting.  More often than not, users can correct their own mistakes.  If it’s in a business critical area, the support team are on hand to help sort it.  Unlike a paper-based system, you don’t risk just losing that piece of paper/record or a staff member doing something completely out of the norm without you noticing.  CoolCare, for example, has lots of exception reports and dashboard widgets that highlight any potential mistakes or omissions so you can correct them.

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