About Us

CoolCare helps care homes to love their admin.

After three decades of developing care home administration software, we know what good looks like.

helping the care home industry.

CoolCare is fully invested in the success of the care home industry. We’re not some private equity backed start-up looking to turn a quick buck. Our Group builds and operates some of the highest growth operators in the UK using CoolCare. Customers love us and we love helping their businesses grow faster.

CoolCare only makes care home administration software.  That’s our “thing”.  Everything we develop makes running a care home easier, more efficient and more profitable.

CoolCare are care home experts foremost.   We see firsthand what the challenges are.  We know what working in a care home is really like. We build our software to reflect that.

CoolCare has a full team of in-house developers: they know and understand exactly what they are developing and how it will be used.  The software’s constant evolution is managed with rigourous development processes, guarnteeing quality product design.

Software has to be easy to use to be well adopted.  We get that.  CoolCare prioritises intuitive simplicity throughout the software.  If any user does get stuck, CoolCare support services are on hand to guide them through.

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learn to love your admin.

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