care home management technology: how you can achieve more by going digital.

Are you keen to learn more about the benefits of management technology? 

The digital world is constantly evolving. With technology an integral part of most people’s lives, care homes need to upgrade and improve their services.

Read on to discover how care providers can achieve more by ‘going digital’: 

care home management systems are easy to use.

In recent years, there has been a marked shift toward digital adoption in care homes.

Yet, according to former Health and Social Care secretary Sajid Javid, around 40 per cent of care providers are “still grappling with paper-based records”. This shows that many care homes are still reluctant to ‘go digital’. Incurred costs or misconceptions about its difficulty to use may be the reason behind this.

Management technology - Graphic of people using technology

We want to eradicate these misconceived notions about digital management technology. 

At CoolCare, our digital software makes care home administration simple. Easy-to-use and efficient, our management technology improves the organisation of care homes.

Built with care home users in mind, our technology has an in-built intelligent design and user-friendly interface. Our mission is to make things simple — after all, fancy features don’t help if people can’t use them! 

increase your profits with care home administration software.

It’s no secret that the care sector was detrimentally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Now more than ever before, care homes need more organisation to increase profits. Digital management technology solutions are the key to achieving exactly this.

Our CoolCare system allows you to increase your profits and savings, with minimal effort required.

Management Technology - Man on laptop

Recent customer analysis has shown that CoolCare users enjoy a range of benefits. These include higher weekly fees (an average of £1,142.01) and above-average occupancy levels (82%). They also have more self-funding residents, accurate billing and lower costs.

Digital solutions, including CoolCare, also have the potential to minimise mistakes. After all, staffing mistakes are expensive, and they do add up! CoolCare captures revenue accurately, flagging fee discrepancies and missing contracts. 

Thus, implementing digital technology can save money, save time and strengthen margins.

using care home management technology saves you time.

Another benefit of care homes ‘going digital’ is the time it saves.

It’s no secret that time = money. Because of this, care homes need to look to digital solutions to save costs. 

Person using technology on a phone

Management technology can manage your payroll and invoices, alongside providing efficient rostering. Our up-to-date software achieves this by taking charge of all your care home processes. 

On average, CoolCare saves 5 days a month in admin time. Care workers can thus spend more time providing direct, high-quality care to residents. 

going digital can benefit your care home staff.

Implementing digital solutions can also benefit your team. 

From CEOs and MDs to care staff and HR teams — all members of the team will reap the benefits of ‘going digital’.

Care home managers will notice higher weekly fees, improved occupancy, lower staff costs and much more. This allows them to access the information they need, and make changes if necessary.

Benefitting finance teams, CoolCare reduces errors, prevents misspending and increases revenue. It also provides more efficient admin, allowing easier and more accurate finances. 

Managing team

HR teams can boost retention and compliance with our smart workforce management. They can use dashboards, staff monitoring and workforce planning to improve employees’ experience.

To ensure smooth operations, home managers can track enquiries and data. This allows them to note down actions and their completion date — making for better, quicker and smarter organisation.

Lastly, care home staff can take control of their working lives. They can view upcoming shifts, accept extra shifts and submit holiday requests — all within one, easy-to-use platform.

For more information on our technology at CoolCare and how it can impact your care home, please take a look at our website.

Alternatively, take a look at our previous blog to discover the future of technology in management. 


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  • 21st November 2022
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