the importance of case study research | our latest findings.

At CoolCare, our software makes the management of your care home both quicker and easier – by design.

Through case study research, we gain valuable insights into the real-world use of our technology within the care sector. These findings help us to identify what works, and guides us to areas that we can improve to really help care home managers and staff.

Continue reading to find out about the range of case study research we have carried out and to how it helps us develop CoolCare.

case study research on supporting management

Our recent case study research has shown how CoolCare systems can enhance the management role within the care sector.

Our initial conversations with the managing director at The Hennessey Partnership, revealed that they previously felt their rosters were not reflecting what was happening within their homes. So we’ve supported the management team by addressing issues raised within their care homes, and focused their plan to assist them with operating a more efficient roster system. 

At CoolCare, we work to streamline processes, and our time monitoring feature allows management to easily keep track of their staff hours. 

By highlighting a challenge faced by our clients, we’re able to develop targeted solutions. Our case study research helps us to adapt our offerings to fit the needs of different clients, and ensure all aspects of our software truly meet the needs of the users.

In Adept Care Homes, our case study research showed how they benefited through using our clocking-in system

This system empowers management to track staff attendance and shifts, ensuring adherence to correct working hours across their network of seven homes in a few quick clicks.

case study research into improving communication

Our case study research has also shown how our workforce management features have significantly improved communication across all staff members. 

Enabling direct communication amongst colleagues has resulted in a reduction in miscommunication and missed training opportunities. 

This direct communication approach has allowed colleagues to discuss shift changes and the coverage of missed shifts, consequently minimising the use of agencies where possible.

assisting HR with case study research

CoolCare supports HR departments by simplifying staff tracking and enabling them to easily monitor holidays, sickness and absences.

By making this information easily accessible and in one place, it allows HR to ensure the care home is running as efficiently, whilst minimising instances of absenteeism. 

using case study research to enhance the user experience

By conducting case study research, it allows us to understand how healthcare facilities are utilising CoolCare. 

This can allow us to identify any challenges that users may be facing, what their preferences are, and where we can improve our software. 

Consistently conducting case study research, alongside our customer feedback programme, allows us to engage in continuous improvement. This ensures that our system remains up-to-date and effectively serves the care sector’s evolving needs.

sustainability through case study research

Our case study research with Read House revealed that, with 36 residents and 60 members of staff, levels of paperwork were increasing. 

By switching to a digital solution via CoolCare, they’ve reduced their paperwork and physical records immensely. Staff now have access to all digital documents, and can generate and share  reports immediately without the need to print anything.

Our systems also enable management to effectively monitor outstanding enquiries, and how many funded or private residents are within their homes via easy to read dashboards showing live data. 

benefits of case study research at CoolCare

At CoolCare, we tailor our software to fit our clients needs. We aim to stay up to date with the ever changing demands of the care sector.

Through case study research, we can identify both the strengths and weaknesses of our software, enabling us to continuously improve our offering to make admin easier for our users.

Reach out to our team today to find out how CoolCare can benefit you.

Alternatively, why not read our recent case study about the benefits of administration management


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  • 16th October 2023
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