technology integration | explore our latest partnership with nourish

At CoolCare, we recognise the pivotal role of technology integration in our software to advance the quality of care services.

Our strategic partnerships with select software providers enable us to deliver the best in care solutions.

In this blog, we’re sharing details of our latest collaboration:

the importance of technology integration

The integration of technology can significantly enhance the efficiency of processes in care homes.

Sharing data seamlessly across multiple platforms empowers care providers to make informed decisions and keep a pulse on all activities across their homes.

This technology also aids administrators in reducing the time spent on data entry and removes the risk of errors in transcription.

nourish partnership | technology integration

Recently, we joined forces with Nourish, a digital care management software provider, with a shared mission of delivering technology that simplifies care delivery and operations of care homes.

This integration between CoolCare and Nourish facilitates seamless information exchange, reducing the workload for care home staff, and eliminating repetitive tasks.

the benefits of the nourish partnership

Through the integration of Nourish and CoolCare, the sharing of data has been streamlined, guaranteeing a simple and efficient process.

From the initial enquiry to resident fee contracts, records are constantly updated, and there’s no need to re-input information onto separate systems.

This frees up care home staff, allowing them to focus their time on residents and the care they provide.

Updates made to the CoolCare system are then reflected live in Nourish, allowing a smooth flow of information between the ‘back office’ administration side and the care side of a care home business.

working with nourish

It’s easy to deliver person centred care with Nourish.

With access to powerful tools to build person centred care plans and schedules, you can maximise your care home planning whilst maintaining your care homes culture and values.

Every stage of an individual’s care journey requires a different approach.

With Nourish, you can guide your teams on taking action, re-assess needs of residents while recording consent and documenting decisions.

This integration provides your staff a stronger insight into the care they’re providing, and gives them the confidence to know they’re doing things at the right time.

what our managing director had to say | technology integration

Our Managing Director, Fiona Hale, felt that the technology integration with Nourish was an obvious choice.

Fiona shared: “There is a real working affinity between CoolCare and Nourish which made them a natural fit for our ongoing integration programme. We both want to make the administrative side of care easier for those on the frontline while helping to build stronger care businesses and a more prosperous care sector.”

She added; “Headlines have positioned our care sector as understaffed and underfunded, at the detriment of recognising the incredible work that is happening to strengthen care businesses.

“Adopting digital tools gives many care providers greater stability and the visibility within the business to be able to plan, prepare and continue to deliver the best quality care to residents.”

how coolcare can help you

Technology integration is important as it can help to enhance efficiency and communication across your care homes.

By having live information shared across platforms with ease, this provides a convenient way for you to stay connected with your homes and ensure things are running smoothly.

Reducing the need for paper records also helps you practise sustainability and reduce waste, whilst eliminating any room for error and any duplications of records.

Through our software partnerships, we aim to make our systems as efficient as possible to provide you with an easy way to manage your care home.

If you’d like to find out more about our recent partnership please contact a member of our team.

Alternatively, why not read our recent blog to discover how CoolCare can help streamline your HR planning?


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  • 31st October 2023
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