The top 3 technologies transforming care homes – CoolCaretransforming care home technology – three top technologies set to make an impact on the care sectorThe top 3 technologies transforming care homes – CoolCare

With Alexa going down a storm in some care homes, it’s clear that more and more care homes are embracing tech to help streamline processes and boost efficiencies. We’ve scanned the market and highlighted top technologies that are making their mark in care homes.

1. Cloud-based storage.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using cloud storage as a care home technology, we know that record-keeping, whether it be for your residents, staff or even relatives is extremely important and storing those files on-site can be a logistical nightmare.

Working with people means things can change in an instant. By introducing a cloud-based system, you can access your data at the touch of a button wherever you are in the world and have that extra peace of mind that your data is secure, accurate and always backed-up.

Being able to access vital records instantly is every care home operator’s dream and the power of secure care home technology such as cloud-based storage solutions allows for just that.

2. The power of video – calling 

It’s been reported that more and more older people are feeling lonely, especially when it comes to living in their own homes.

Set to revolutionise internal processes, as well as your residents’ relationships is using video calling as a care home technology.  Technologies such as Skype, facetime and Zoom will make it even easier for people to engage.

Whether it be a supplier meeting, or online training for your staff – using video calling is set to free-up extra time that would have been spent driving from site to site. It’ll also allow for residents to maintain key relationships with friends and family without having to rely on face to face visits.

This care home technology will also improve the quality of your communication compared to straight-forward audio calls. Video calling allows for another, deeper level of communication, where you can see facial expressions alongside the intonation in someone’s voice. The truth is that these technologies are absolutely intended for the healthcare industry and set to make an impact.

3. Care Home Management Systems 

Staying on top of your paperwork is critical to operations, especially in the care sector. However, considering a paper-free digital care home management system can trigger a closer review of your processes, and allow you to question why and how you do things. Ultimately, by embracing care home technology, you can be assured of an entire overhaul of your systems, without losing the accuracy or precision that you rely on.

Using the carefully-developed framework that comes with a management system means much of the manual work can now be automated. The chances of errors, or misplacing data and information, reduces significantly, simply because of features of care home management system. Suddenly, everything is in the right place, secure, up-to-date and ready to be called upon when you need it.

Having streamlined, fully digitised and systemised data can add a real boost to your operations especially when it comes to rotas and timesheets, giving you the sense of empowerment and control.


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  • 29th August 2019
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