increasing profits | how we can help fill care home beds

Are you looking for ways to improve profits within your care home?

Our CoolCare technology is designed to help manage the administration of your care home, whilst boosting your income.

Read our blog to find out how we can help with increasing profits in your home…

increasing profits | how our system can benefit you

At CoolCare, we’re on a mission to make administration as simple as possible.

Our easy-to-use system is an efficient way to manage your care home, with the added bonus of making it more profitable too. 

With all administration in one accessible place, clear dashboard and clever automations, managers have more time to spend on the care provided and the efficient running of their home. 

Manual, paper-based admin processes are often extremely time-consuming and error prone, whilst digital administration streamlines admin to a few clicks,  freeing up more time for meaningful tasks. 

reducing staffing costs whilst increasing profits

Our digital administration system is constantly updated keeping you and your staff on the cutting edge of digital admin processes, at all times. 

Our ‘snap to shift’ feature will automatically correct a clock-in to align with the planned shift, helping you ensure you are paying your staff for the correct hours worked without the need for time consuming manual adjustments.

Our easy to read dashboards also use live data,  allowing managers to monitor staff attendance and staffing levels in each area, improving the overall efficiency of the care home. 

CoolCare also works to make staff management easier by digitising rotas, timesheets, and communication – all  in one place. With reports available at the touch of a button, it’s easier for management to keep in line with the staff budget and review where any areas of under- or over-staffing.

Our messaging function also enables managers to notify all staff of any available shift or overtime, saving valuable time on individual calls, texts or emails. CoolCare’s mobile access also means that staff can view rotas and respond to available shift messages, ensuring the right staff are always exactly where you, and your residents, need them – with the added benefit of reducing the need for agency staff.

managing your residents for increasing profits

Our occupancy management feature allows you to manage your pipeline to reduce empty beds with minimal fuss. 

With seamless enquiry tracking and access to figures across your care homes in real time, you can access all the information you need at the click of a button. 

Good quality and timely communication is the key to good enquiry management. 

With CoolCare, we provide you with live care home occupancies for individual homes and at a group level, helping care home managers to manage and tailor enquiries with the prospective residents’ needs in mind.

With accessible information, multiple teams are able to work on the same enquiry at the same time. This allows for enquiries to be dealt with in a timely manner and for the time between the initial enquiry being raised and moving into a home to be minimised.

analysing occupancy levels

The reporting suite feature provides you with updated performance analysis across homes so that you can ensure business is staying on track. 

Having a view on occupancy levels allows for quick conversion of enquiries and ensures that no opportunities are missed.

On average 50% of all enquiries entered on CoolCare convert into a resident, ensuring that your care home business is stable and strong.

With the seamless flow of the occupancy management function, you can watch as your care homes fill effortlessly.

CoolCare users are filling their homes with average conversion rates of less than 25 days.

admissions and discharges | increasing profits

You can keep track of who is moving into which care home and at what time with our occupancy management system, allowing you to roll out the red carpet at exactly the right time and make the move as seamless and simple as possible.

Our software also gives you visibility of who is due to leave a care home and on what day so you can ensure they have a smooth transition and that your team has everything prepared.

increasing profits to manage your care home

With greater visibility of everything from enquiries to payroll, holiday allowance and staff management,  CoolCare allows you to save time and reduce the admin burden, helping you to run a more profitable care home business.

Get in contact with our team today to discover how we can help you!

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care home admin software | explore our recent double award shortlisting
  • 29th November 2023
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