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Why is good human resource planning important for running a successful care home?

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human resource planning | compliance dashboards

At CoolCare, our software aims to support human resource planning by improving accessibility to employee information and workforce management.

The configurable dashboard feature allows you to review key data at a home, company and wider group level so that you can stay up to date on all important information across homes.

These dashboards provide live updates and provide you with the opportunity to complete live checks, so you can be confident that your care homes are running efficiently.

By having easy access to real-time information, you can take the time to enhance the employee experience.

live staff monitoring | human resource planning

By using CoolCare, you can see who’s on-shift and clocked-in at each of your homes at just the touch of a button.

This information allows you to track what shifts have been planned for, and where you may have gaps in your rotas, helping you manage your staffing efficiently.

Live online rotas and staff portal access improves employee engagement and can help to prevent staff shortages or overstaffing.

workforce planning and recruitment to improve human resource planning

The workforce planning feature helps you to plan out your rotas in advance so that you can ensure each of your homes are being staffed safely.

Having access to the rotas for each care home in one place allows you to view where gaps in rotas may be, request cover, offer shifts, assign agency and if needed identify recruitment needs.

If there are consistent gaps in rotas, or understaffing in certain homes, you can review where extra staff may be required — ultimately reducing the need for agency staff.

Over 20% of CoolCare customers have reported they confidently rely on their staff proactively offering to cover shifts to fill in gaps, and haven’t had to request shift cover directly.

time and attendance | human resource planning

Our digital timesheet system has automated rules which allow you to know you are paying your staff accurately.

Tracking time and attendance ensures that all shifts are accounted for and that payroll is up to date.

You can also easily spot any high absence rates or continuous lateness, so you can address these issues directly, fostering a fairer and more consistent workplace.

agency control

Using CoolCare’s rostering and agency cover options can ultimately reduce the use of agency staff.

CoolCare provides you with the chance to take a step back and review systems and the level of care provided across your homes.

This also allows you to identify and provide support to individuals who need it, which leads to happier staff.

The agency and rostering feature can assist with better forward planning and transparency on agency bookings. It’s been noted that 80% of CoolCare customers don’t record any use of agencies in their homes.

empowering your staff

Having live information that can be accessed by all colleagues gives your staff control over their working lives.

With the ability to view their work calendar they can plan their work and personal lives better and offer to cover shifts.

This feature also allows staff to arrange and book holidays off with ease, creating a positive work balance.

Your valuable time is also saved as you do not have to complete admin with registering holiday requests.

You can easily review requests and cross-reference these dates among the rotas, making it easier to accept or decline each request.

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  • 15th November 2023
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