reducing your staff turnover rate | how technology can help.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your staff turnover rate? 

Here at Cool Care, we’ve developed several strategies within our care home technology to help manage your staffing levels.

Keep reading to discover more about what our technology can do to help reduce your staff turnover rates and increase efficiency:

use the coolcare care home recruitment manager to reduce staff turnover.

When dealing with the initial recruitment of staff, it can be difficult to manage all of the applications in an organised and efficient manner.

Staff Turnover Rate - Recruitment

To aid with this process, we’ve developed our recruitment manager software to track, screen and accept relevant applications all in one place.

In terms of staff turnover rate, our technology allows you to easily identify suitable candidates who are looking for longer term employment, aiding in reducing future staff turnover.

effective care home rotas can reduce turnover.

A fair and comprehensible rota is key to maintaining a level of staff satisfaction, leading to a reduced staff turnover rate.

Staff Turnover Rate - Staff Rota

At Cool Care, we’ve developed staff management software that translates shifts and hours into an easy-to-understand and accessible staff rota. 

With a clear and manageable interface, our rota system allows for easier shift coverage and management, allowing staff to clearly see when they’re needed, and who might be available to cover a shift. 

advanced training for care home staff.

Providing your staff with advanced training, as well as acknowledging their successes via appraisals, is key for reducing your staff turnover rate.

Staff Turnover Rate - Staff Training

With our home manager software, we’ve made it easier for you to keep track of the training and appraisals that your staff have been given in a clear and concise format.

By keeping track of these records, you’re then able to focus individually on your staff members, recognising their achievements and offering them further development opportunities, leading to a greatly reduced staff turnover rate.

comprehensive care home performance reports using specialist software.

Having access to your care home’s performance records is pivotal to managing both the success and shortfalls of your care home.

Our business reports and analysis suite has everything you need – from staff holidays to vacancies – readily available in a simple and streamlined format. 

Staff Turnover Rates - Business Reports

This technology provides an overall view of your care home, allowing you to manage individual elements and solve any issues. 

Here at Cool Care, we’re dedicated to improving care home technology and devising new ways to help you run your care home efficiently. 

For more information regarding what we can offer, take a look at our website.


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  • 25th July 2022
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