onboarding processes that you can implement that help you retain your team.

It’s hard to believe that you could be laying the foundations for a resignation just after you have welcomed your new hire to the team. Ineffective onboarding processes are responsible for the loss of almost 1 in 5 new recruits within the first 90 days of employment.

Care home operators – like so many other sectors – are struggling to recruit and retain top talent. A signed contract might feel like a done deal, but it actually represents the start of an onboarding journey that could help your staff to stay with you for the long haul.

ensure that new care home staff feel welcome.

Getting a job offer can be intimidating. Recruits are expected to ‘get’ the company culture without really spending any time in the office. Onboarding starts when the contract is signed; this is when you should show them that they are both appreciated and valued. Making people feel welcome is as simply done as telling them how pleased you are that they’ve accepted your offer and sending them a welcome pack to make them feel at ease before their first day. You may also want to invite them in to meet the team before they start.

making a good first impression as a care home manager counts.

Your new recruit knows that they’re joining a busy organisation, but you should be ready to give them your time and attention on their first day. Block out your diary to make sure you can focus on getting them started and let them know what they can expect to look forward to in the coming weeks. CoolCare’s new Recruitment Manager seamlessly pulls their records onto the system so that your wider team will also be ready to welcome them and take them through a well-planned induction process.

introduce a staff buddy system into your care home.

Whether your new recruit is a lone hire or part of a larger intake, linking them with someone else in the business can anchor them to someone that can be there for them. Recruitment Manager provides end-to-end candidate tracking so you can easily pair up new recruits or assign them to a friendly mentor on day one.

implement social occasions and events for your care home teams.

Teambuilding and the softer side of work can be what gets us through tough times. Ensure that your new recruit feels welcome in the staff room at break times – maybe organise a welcome cuppa for the whole team to say hello – and make sure that they feel able to join in with any upcoming social events. After all, the team that plays together, stays together.

For more information about how Recruitment Manager can help your care business please contact one of the team today: 0113 385 3853


filling staff vacancies made easier with coolcare.
reducing your staff turnover rate | how technology can help.
  • 20th June 2022
  • Sandy Noble
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