digital care home | the future of technology in management.

As technology continues to evolve, have you thought about what the future could look like for your care home?

Here at CoolCare, we’re dedicated to improving our digital care home technology to offer the very best to our customers.

Keep reading to find out more about our services and discover the future of CoolCare:

digital care home | what is coolcare?

At CoolCare, we’re dedicated to making the lives of care home staff and owners as easy as we can. 

To achieve this, we’ve developed an array of software that’s simple to use, effective, and provides you with the results you need.

Digital Care Home - Easy to Use

Trusted by some of the UK’s largest care operators, our digital care home technology helps manage occupancy levels, finances, care home administration and much more, saving you time and money wherever possible.

digital care home | our work with flexearn.

As part of our continued growth at CoolCare, we’ve recently partnered with FlexEarn. This allows employees to access a portion of their earnt wages whenever they need them.

Digital Care Home - Access to Wages

As a result, you can boost staff morale, retention, satisfaction and productivity which, in turn, can help to reduce staff turnover and aid in the success of your care home.

integrating with person centred software.

The future of care home management at CoolCare looks at integrating with a range of other services to offer the very best to our customers, becoming stronger together.

We’ve partnered with Person Centred Software to help improve care home monitoring for our customers. 

Digital technology - Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software saves time by reducing paperwork, creating records and preventing any mistakes. It’s simple to use, compatible with our existing software, and will help to streamline your processes.

our software updates.

The future of CoolCare looks very bright. To continue developing and improving, we update our software regularly so we can keep providing the most effective, simple and efficient digital care home technology.

Software Update

So far, we’ve undergone four significant updates that have improved our technology each time. With no signs of stopping, we aim to continue with these changes and updates, growing with the care industry and helping to improve it.

For more information about our digital care home management technology, please take a look at our website.

Alternatively, why not read our previous blog to find out more about our integration with Person Centred Software?


high cost of living | the benefits of flexearn.
care home management technology: how you can achieve more by going digital.
  • 24th October 2022
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