5 ways to simplify your management processes with cool care.

Are you looking to simplify your management processes? Streamlining your daily processes can make a significant difference when it comes to efficiency.

occupancy management using care home administration software.

One of the major areas that can benefit from simplification is occupancy management.

Juggling enquiries, occupancy reports and analysis is a challenge when doing so manually – so using technology to take the associated admin away from you, not only makes it easier, it also improves accuracy by removing human error.

And, by bundling occupancy management processes together, it’s possible to establish a clearer picture of just where your care homes stand – allowing you to view potential residents, current residents and data to create a streamlined management process, with the ability to check figures through graphics and data.

Management Processes - Occupancy Management

tracking the time and attendance of care home staff.

Staff punctuality can lead to wider issues and a lack of efficiency within your care home when not addressed, or monitored. Tracking this effectively is key to managing it, while also reducing unnecessary excess costs.

For instance, a common additional cost in care homes is people getting paid for unworked time at the end of and before their shift starts. Technology can implement things such as ‘snap to shift’, which can cut hours to the right shift length, marking a cost saving that can run into the thousands across the year.

Other issues are caused by a delay in doing admin tasks, such as checking time sheets. Often, these are pushed down the to-do list, but this can cause problems in tracking and managing data. By ‘locking timesheets’ incentivises staff to make sure these tasks get done on time – otherwise, the locked timesheet can’t be edited and the staff member who failed to input it runs the risk of any inaccuracy being attributed to them.

Managing absences is also a headache for many care home managers. Keeping on top of absence requests takes time, as does updating the corresponding rota to reallocate the relevant shifts. Again, though this can all be managed automatically and easily via technology – with rota updates happening as a matter of course, reducing the risk of missed shifts or gaps in staffing. 

Installing payroll reports, a staff portal and clocking hardware for care homes provide a fool-proof and effective way to manage your staff.

Management Processes - Time and Attendance

managing budgets and finance using care home administration software.

Financing can be a particularly stressful element of care home management. There’s nothing starker than numbers on a page after all – especially if they’re inaccurate for any reason. Invoicing, ledgers, and business reports; all of these are time-consuming and challenging to stay on top of, but they’re a critical component of creating a well-run, financially sound care home.

Technology such as that offered by CoolCare can minimise stress, through accurate finance management processes, which take control of deductions, billable extras, invoices and accountancy integrations to provide analysis, helping you to keep a healthy overview of your home.

efficient human resource systems with care home administration software.

Your staff are integral to the success of your business. Establishing an efficient human resource system is a vital management process that can lead to a reduction in staff turnover.

Recruitment, staff records, rostering, appraisals messaging, agency management and reports are all things that can be made straightforward, making the process of managing your team much easier – providing you with more time to look after individuals and establish a stronger workplace culture. By removing admin headaches, you’ll have more time to look up and focus on creating a place where people enjoy working.

Finance Management

simplified administration using specialist care home software.

Creating a comfortable and well-maintained care home is a management process you shouldn’t overlook.

First impressions count, so if your home is poorly maintained with the visible need for repair, then it not only puts off prospective residents and their families, it also creates a poor environment for those already living there.

With staff and resident needs often more pressing though, it’s easy for general maintenance tasks to fall by the wayside. At CoolCare, we provide care home management software including a virtual notice board and maintenance log to help you keep your care home running as it should.


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Alternatively, take a look at our previous blog to find out more about managing your care home online.


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