st martins care ltd applaud budget savings delivered by coolcare4.

St Martins Care Ltd CEO, Keith Milton, has applauded budget savings delivered by CoolCare4 software on operations within the 6 home, 400 staff group.

St Martins Care applauds budget savings delivered by CoolCare4 care home management software across their 6 homes and 400 staff .

It’s a critical juncture for the care home sector, with homes enduring some of the toughest restrictions and changes to working patterns because of the coronavirus. Against this backdrop Keith turned to CoolCare to assist him in improving the overall administration efficiencies of the group. Keith hailed the care home management software as a major success as it immediately brought improved efficiencies and tangible budgetary savings.  The group had been using CoolCare3 software for over 5 years, but had never really realised the system’s full potential. Their recent migration to the CoolCare4 system has enabled the group to truly leverage the system’s full capacity.

Empowered to use the system more, through powerful and effective training, the administration teams were able to implement their learning instantly  – which delivered immediate improvements across the board for the group.

increasing care home staff visibility.

CoolCare4 has enabled greater visibility over the enquiry pipeline, both at the home and group level. This visibility has allowed Keith, as CEO, to see the same information as the care home management teams, including all live enquiries and their status, which had already delivered conversions and planned admission dates. As well as giving teams greater ownership over client conversion, CoolCare4 has generated invaluable data that brings great insight and overview at the strategic level too.

improving care home and staff efficiency.

Weighty paperwork has become a thing of the past, which has not only streamlined the enquiry system but has also provided critical support to the scheduling team. Where scheduling and checking actual clock-in times have, in the past, proved – for care homes everywhere – an erroneous and complex task, CoolCare4’s ‘Snap-to-Shift‘ functionality overrides early and late clock-ins, saving on administrative checks but also in over- and underpayments of staff.

creating transparency for care home staff.

The new staff portal (accessible by staff on a mobile device) brings new transparency to staffing. Staff have reported that they are loving the easy access they have to their assigned shifts and rotas, plus being able to pick up extra shifts and managing their holiday time from home is fantastic. CoolCare4’s staffing functionality has already delivered financial efficiencies in terms of both reduced overpayment of shift costs and administrative costs related to rota management.

As well as the anticipated improvements for the SMC Group, Keith was also impressed by the opportunity the move from CoolCare3 to CoolCare4 offered his teams in terms of standardisation. Supported and assisted by the CoolCare4 Customer Support Team, the SMC Group were able to identify and rectify inconsistencies at play across their different sites. This meant that in addition to delivering new budgetary efficiencies, the SMC Group has also been able to improve compliance.

Iain Corrigan, Sales Team Leader of CoolCare4, said,

“We are thrilled that the SMC Group has had such a positive experience, with migrating from CoolCare3 to CoolCare4. We develop our software to meet the needs of the people that will be using it every day. Greater visibility, the ability to deliver improved efficiencies and being able to achieve a better bottom line are the rationales behind CoolCare4; to hear that is working so well in the field is testament indeed to the efforts of the team at CoolCare4.”

Keith Milton, CEO, St Martins Care Group, praised CoolCare4’s system,

“The SMC Group has found the CoolCare4 experience extremely positive and has made it easier for us to streamline business management tasks. This has also led to us making greater efficiencies. Our CoolCare4 journey has been outstanding and CoolCare4’s people-centric approach to our journey has been remarkable.”


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  • 1st June 2021
  • Iain Corrigan
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