how care management software can boost occupancy & restore confidence.

The Coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for the care home industry, however businesses and organisations have demonstrated strength, fortitude and resilience in coping with the worst that the virus has had to give.

Recent research, conducted by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), found that 31 per cent of those polled were less likely to seek residential care for an elderly relative than before coronavirus – with 40 per cent of those aged over 65 less likely to consider it for themselves. The flames of disquiet around residential care have only been fanned by the media during the height of the pandemic.

Care homes nationwide are now seeking ways to help restore confidence in those looking for care or a placement for a loved one. Care home management software is ever being more widely adopted to help capture core information from prospective residents and their relatives, which in turn is helping care homes to overcome and address some of the issues that enquirers may have.

Here at CoolCare, our team have compiled a number of ways in which care home management software could not only help you boost occupancy in a post-pandemic era, but could also restore confidence in your prospective residents across the care home industry

using data in care home management software to increase quality conversions.

Care Home Software management streamlines the process of capturing the relevant data from each enquiry to ascertain quickly, the exact needs of the potential resident to understand if there is capacity or where that capacity might be, across a multi-site business. Care home management software facilitates easier and quicker assessment of cases, and matches it to available beds. By capturing this key data, it empowers staff to assess enquirers more effectively as well as address concerns that relatives or potential residents may have, which are heightened given the current situation.

using care home management software for resident details.

It’s surprising how often simple information, such as a name or contact number, has been missed when logging information from a prospective resident.  Enquirers are looking out for how they will be treated in your home so showing care and attention in the details you capture will help strengthen their confidence in your ability to care for them or their loved one.

It streamlines processes and also boosts confidence internally within the team so they can move forward with assessments more quickly.

gain insight into your conversion timeline.

Care Home Management software enables admissions teams to closely monitor each enquiry, understanding at exactly which stage each potential resident is at. This is critical, given how volatile the market is at the moment. Adopting and incorporating care home management software gives you and your staff the ability to keep close tabs, through accurate forecasting of admission dates, gives your residents, relatives, staff and prospects confidence that your home will be staffed appropriately. This means that staff numbers can be increased to support a new resident’s arrival and returning it to normal levels as required.

care home software allows remote management.

While no-one wants to return to a total lockdown, these months are also key in preparing for what could be a difficult winter. Care Home software management means that key decision makers are empowered by having the ability to access KPIs at a distance, ensuring that enquiries are not only being generated but worked on.

Whether the UK returns to a lockdown or not, Using Care Home Management Software means you are able to access information remotely, which then means that decision makers can get more closely involved in supporting the on-the-ground teams, ring fencing time and budget to impact numbers, rather than spending time and resource travelling from site to site.

how can care home management software turn empty beds in to funding streams?

CoolCare’s Care Home Management Software allows you to have a ‘live’ overview of bed occupancy at any given moment in time means that incoming enquiries can be managed in a more meaningful way, with empty beds filled more quickly. Care technology gives management teams the confidence to actively use data to back up business decisions that have to be made quickly and under pressure.

With families lining up homes as options for their loved ones, it’s important that care homes manage their expectations carefully, while maximising their own profitability by transforming unoccupied beds into much-needed revenue streams. Our Care Home Management Software allows you to do just that.

using care home management software to restore confidence.

Technology is the future and it has powered our way forward, especially during the lockdown. By taking records and processes digital, it removes the need for paper-based records – they’re expensive to store and take time and resources to properly manage. Utilising care home management software means digital records. Digital records can be stored in the cloud yet accessed instantly; they don’t need to be touched or shared. In this new world of infection control, that alone is reason enough for many operators to get rid of paper-based records for good. A paper-free office is exactly that, with costly stationary deliveries slashed.

In terms of data cleanliness, digitally-managed data means that it will be easier for you and your staff to be GDPR compliant, with clear and concise data dashboards generated in seconds. It’s these data dashboards that make it so much easier to make informed decisions that will drive your business forward.

To see just how dynamic CoolCare software is , check out the CoolCare YouTube channel or to see it in action simply request a demo.


benefits of a software management solution in care homes.
how care home data can help your home grow.
  • 27th September 2020
  • Iain Corrigan
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