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Here at CoolCare, we understand you are probably facing the most difficult period of operation in the lifetime of your Care Home.  We understand the demands and pressures you are under and we recognise the continued support you and your staff are providing to the most vulnerable people at risk of this disease.

The Government has provided Care Home guidance for managing residents who are presenting with COVID-19 symptoms.

The document ‘Admission and Care of Residents during COVID-19 Incident in a Care Home’ is being updated as the development of the pandemic continues, you can find the latest review of such guidance here.

In addition, the Government have issued information that all registered Care settings must sign up for the Capacity Tracker from 1st April 2020.

The Capacity Tracker enables central resources to identify bed capacity within the Care settings throughout the UK, enabling the most appropriate placement of residents where vacancies are known.

The document also includes helpful clinical advice on managing patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

You can register for the Capacity Tracker here

If you experience difficulty registering, there is a help desk service contactable at 0191 691 3729 or via email

COVID-19 status.

In a recent change to CoolCare, we have introduced a new feature to enable you to record the ‘wellbeing’ status of your residents and staff members.  This information is vital in understanding the exposure within our sector and enabling accurate capacity planning at PHE and its impact on the NHS.  Don’t worry, no personal information is collected, it is anonymised and there is nothing more for you to do other than update the status when you see a change.  You will notice the new icon on the Staff and Resident record.  Help us help you by updating this information as often as you can.

custom reports.

The COVID-19 tracker is not just a tool for central administration, this information is readily available to you also from the Custom Report section of CoolCare.  You can create a report to track staff and Residents who may be presenting with symptoms.  Having this information helps you understand your staffing overhead or exposure if they are unwell.

PPE tracker.

To help you monitor your PPE usage, we have also created a free PPE tracker spreadsheet which can be downloaded here.

here to help.

If you need help or support with CoolCare, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team who can help you with all your CoolCare queries.  We have also simplified our telephony system to help get you through to the right department sooner, just select Option 2 to be connected to the team.

Telephone 0113 385 3853 or email


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