Optimise Occupancy and Enquiry Management – Webinar Masterclass

Join us for an insightful webinar, focusing on addressing the challenges faced by care homes in the UK when it comes to occupancy and enquiry management.

Care England, in partnership with CoolCare and Autumna, are running an online masterclass on optimising occupancy and enhancing enquiry management.

Throughout the webinar, guest speaker Debbie Harris, Managing Director at Autumna, alongside CoolCare’s Commercial Director, Iain Corrigan, will share valuable insights, practical tips, and effective strategies to help care home operators and managers navigate the complexities of occupancy and enquiry management, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and profitability of their facilities.

  • Key topics to be covered in the session:

1. Understanding the current landscape of care homes in the UK: Trends, demands, and challenges.

2. Optimising occupancy rates: Strategies to attract and retain residents.

3. Effective enquiry management: Streamlining the process from initial contact to admission.

4. Enhancing communication and engagement with prospective residents and their families.

5. Leveraging technology solutions for efficient occupancy and enquiry management.

6. Overcoming barriers to occupancy: Addressing concerns and building trust.

7. Data-driven decision-making: Utilising analytics to optimise occupancy and maximise revenue.

8. Best practices from successful care homes: Case studies and real-life examples.

9. Regulatory considerations and compliance in occupancy and enquiry management.

10. Q&A session: Expert panel answers your specific queries and concerns.

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Debbie Harris

Managing Director, Autumna

Debbie Harris is the Managing Director at Autumna, the UK’s largest and most comprehensive online platform for later life care options, offering guidance and support to self-funding families and care providers.

With over 15 years of experience in care and later life living, Debbie works to help families make informed decisions about care, and to help providers showcase their unique services and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  • 24th January 2024
  • 14:00 GMT
  • Approx 1 hours
  • Zoom

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