Guidance on Digital Implementation

For many care homes in the UK, only small parts, if any, of their business are utilising digital solutions.

Care home technology and software brings lots of opportunities for care providers.  If you’ve always worked one way or have a number of different digitisation projects you want to adopt, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.  The most important thing is identifying the benefits, why you want to make the change and picking the solution which works best for you.  Once you’ve found your perfect supplier mix, then you need to take a little time to plan your implementation carefully.

Skills for Care has produced helpful guidance which can support your in your transition from choosing your supplier, through to managing your successful implementation.

“The advice from other providers is that it’s crucial that the system you choose is intuitive and easy to use; even the most hardened technology fan’s enthusiasm will wane if faced with a system that is over complex and doesn’t make sense to the average user.”

– Skills for Care, ‘Becoming a ‘digital’ social care organisation’

“CoolCare4 is a great tool, it’s user friendly and it helps so much with auditing. It pulls several of the systems you have into one, especially the HR side. CoolCare4 looks and feels great, it’s nice to use and simple even if you’re not that tech-savvy.”

-Melanie Wilson, Home Manager, Dryfemount Care 

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